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Ever want to poke someone's eye out? Because I do.

My husband and I went to stay at the Hampton Inn on Wednesday the 5th because the power went out at my house. We arrived at about 10:00 PM, and right after we got into the room, we received a phone call from my mother saying the power was back on. My husband called the front desk and talked to a girl [whose name we got] about perhaps checking out without being charged. This girl said that as long as nothing in the room was astray and the bed was still made, we could leave without being charged. We were not given a receipt, since there was no charge to be had. We thought, "Great! What nice people!" and then apologized repeatedly for being pains in the butt.

Too bad this hotel turned into the real pain.

Today, I check my bank balance and notice a charge for $96.60. This overdrew my account and put me into the negative numbers. THANKFULLY, it's only a pending charge at this point, and so nothing has bounced yet. I put $100 into my account from savings [of which I don't have much] and called the hotel, KNOWING this is the charge's place of origin. I get on the phone with a guy named Jake, who tells me that the room was indeed charged, and there's nothing he can do to reverse it, but that the manager could change it and he would be in tomorrow or the next day. This does NOT help my situation with my bank.

Of course I'm pissed off, but the only other thing I can do is call the Hampton Complaint Line. So I call them and get on the phone with a woman named Brenda. She puts me on hold after getting my info and then comes back and says that the manager of that hotel will be in at 2:30 today [NOT tomorrow as I was informed] and that he would call me and straighten it out. In the meantime, she's filed an official complaint with that hotel. I thank this wonderfully helpful woman for her help and hang up.

About three minutes ago I get another call from Jake, the guy who says he can't do anything to reverse the charge. He says that he doesn't want me to have to wait for a manager and has already reversed the charge. Then he shortly says he's sorry and hangs up.

So, I was lied to three times [once about being charged, once about when the manager would be in, and once about whether Jake could reverse the charges] and, although I was given what I wanted in the end, it's still a huge pain in the ass: what if I hadn't checked my bank account? Every single one of my other pending charges [which amounts to four or five] would have bounced, thereby causing a $32 per charge bounce fee. You can bet your sweet fannies that Hampton would have been paying for each of those, had it happened. Thankfully, it didn't come to that. But it's still a huge pain to have to go through all the red tape. :P
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