Cara (notahat) wrote in bad_service,

GRE Sadness

This is a short bit of very annoying bad service from the US College Board. For those of you unfamiliar with standardized testing in the US, the College Board is in charge of the infamous SAT test that high school students have to take to get into most colleges, as well as the GRE (Graduate Records Exam) that is required for admission to a lot of graduate schools.

So, I applied to a PhD program at my dream school. I made very sure to get all parts of the application turned in on time--I sent them via overnight delivery. The school got all of the application materials that I sent them... but not my GRE scores. They refused to process my application without the scores. Which, I suppose, is reasonable... but here's what pisses me off:

-I took the GRE the first weekend of January. I took it on a computer, so I got my scores back immediately. They should have then been immediately sent to the school that I designated as the recipient.

-I got a letter mid-January with my official GRE scores, as well as a list of schools that were supposed to have received them.

-I mailed all of the application materials that I was responsible for on January 30th. February 1st was the deadline for financial aid, so I made sure to get everything in on time!

-I've since been checking my application status on the school's website. No GRE scores. I email the school, and they tell me not to worry about it... meanwhile, I don't get an official response for two months. I assume that they just have a backlog of applications.

-It's now March, and I'm getting worried because I haven't heard back yet. I check the website, and find that my GRE scores were received on MARCH 3RD. Yes, TWO MONTHS after I took the exam--and since I took the test on a computer, the score was calculated instantly. How on earth did it take TWO MONTHS to receive it?!

So yeah, I'm pretty peeved. The thing is, I'm not sure if I should be angry at the College Board for taking so long to send my scores, or the school I'm applying to... because maybe they've had the scores this whole time, and just haven't bothered filing them with the rest of my application.

I just hope I can still be admitted to the school... it's VERY competetive, which is why I tried so hard to get everything in on time in the first place. Grrrrr!
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