Blair (_strikes_again_) wrote in bad_service,

one thing that really pisses me off. no one specific, just people in general.
I am 17. I have a job meaning I do have money I can spend on food/tips. I like to go out to eat. I tip well when people deserve it.
However, I noticed that a trend starts to form when its only me and friends. The hostess doesnt seat us first, the waiter takes our drink order after we have waited 10-15 minutes. Then doesnt show up unless we are ordering our food, or getting our bill. I have waited for 20 minutes to even start drinking a glass of water because she dropped off our drinks and took off.

Now I know that teenagers suck and some just stiff the waitstaff, but I think that waiters/waitresses should treat everyone equally. I tip well. I dont think its very fair to me, or any of the other younger customers out there to get shafted on service just becuse a few bad teens came and ruined your day for you by not tipping you well! Hey, I might tip great if you just showed up to my table once in a while.

Until I get good service, and I'm not talking perfection,...just coming to check in on things, making sure I have enough napkins/straws/silverware/drink in my cup/anything else. Thats it. I dont really want to make conversation with you, I dont care if you are overly nice, I would just like you to...oh...I dunno...DO YOUR JOB!
Just a thing I noticed that really agrivates me. And it's not one restaurant in particular. It's nearly every restaurant I have gone to.
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