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UPS saga

So, for my first post here I bring you my UPS tale. This all started back in September 2005 (yes, going on six months ago!); behind the cut is my six month UPS saga, all over a $100 insurance claim...

September 2005:
On 9/27 or 9/28/2005 I sent a package via UPS. This was part of the boxes that I was sending to myself while I moved from L.A. to NYC. The package was insured for the minimum $100 UPS insurance. Package was a poster tube that had apparently been left out in the rain at some point between CA and NY- the (taped on) endcaps to the tube were missing, the tube was 'mushy' (you know- like cardboard that got wet, and then dried again?) and dented, and the posters inside were all wrinkled and stuff (again- like paper that got wet, and then dried again.)

October 2005:
10/9: I reported the damage on the UPS website
10/9: I received an email asking for more info (describe the damage, list package contents, etc.)
10/12: I replied to that email
10/27: I sent a follow up email, asking about the status of my claim
10/28: I received an email that there was a pending claim with the 'shipper of record,' they were waiting for a return of paperwork from the shipper to pay my claim
10/29: I sent an email to ask what 'shipper of record' meant- I had sent the package (to myself), so I was the shipper, yet I had been sent no paperwork
10/30: I rec'd an email saying the UPS North Hollywood, CA store that I used to send the package is the 'shipper of record,' even though I am the one who sent the package. So UPS was waiting for paperwork to come back to them from the NoHo store.

November 2005:
11/29: UPS still has no paperwork to process my claim, so I called the UPS North Hollywood store to find out where my paperwork was. (Why couldn't UPS do this and follow up on their own store? I don't know). Anyway, I was told by ______ at the UPS North Hollywood Store that they had not been able to reach me, even though all of my contact info was listed in my 10/9 and 10/12 emails, and I have the same cell phone number in NY that I have had since about the year 2002 in L.A. I was told to mail a letter to the North Hollywood store with all of the 'more info' information from my 10/12 email, as my email was from so long ago that they didn't have it anymore. (I know- warning sign, right?)
11/29: sent that letter via US mail

January 2006:
1/3/2006: called the UPS North Hollywood store to inquire as to status. Was told by ______ (same person from 11/29) that it had been 'taken care of,' but ______ could not remember how/when it was taken care of, so ______ took my number to call back by the end of the day.
1/5: Have still not received any call back. I called UPS, asked for Corporate to call me.
1/9: Spoke with ______ in Corporate, 888-346-3623, x____.
1/17: I received a voice mail from ______ at the UPS North Hollywood store, my claim check was coming in. (I guess it hadn't already been 'taken care of'.)
1/24: I received a voice mail from ______ at the UPS North Hollywood store, my $94 check is in, what address should ______ send to? This after my email on 10/9, other email on 10/12, and my letter (mailed to ______ personally) on 11/29, all with my contact info. (And no- I don't know why my insurance claim check is only for $94 and not $100, what happened to the last six dollars there?)
1/25: called the UPS North Hollywood store, left a message in the general voicemail box with my address

February 2006:
2/8: No check yet. Called the UPS North Hollywood store, dialed ______'s ext, left another message with my address.

March 2006:
3/4: Still no check. Called ______ in Corporate again, asked if he could please help me here.
3/7 (today): Just received a call from ______ in Corporate- my check is waiting for me at the North Hollywood store, I can go ahead and drop in at any time to pick it up. Ahhhhh!!!!! Ok, to recap, I have now provided my address to UPS on 10/9/05 (via email), 10/12/05 (via email), 11/29/05 (via US mail), 1/25/06 (via voicemail), 2/8/06 (via voicemail), each and every time leaving my New York mailing address as my address. Not to mention that they have my cell phone number, since ______ at the North Hollywood store called me twice. I am in NY! I just gave ______ in Corporate my address yet AGAIN over the phone, hopefully maybe I will see that check someday. (And I wonder if it'll show where those last six dollars went).
3/7: filed a complaint with the BBB. Now this step I am possibly second guessing myself about- true it's been almost six months, and I still have no check in hand, and why should I have to follow up with the UPS store on the behalf of UPS, and how many times should I have to provide one company with my mailing address??? But- I am getting my insurance check (maybe? someday?), so should I have saved the BBB complaint for if I wasn't getting my money at all?

...and I don't mean "all over $100" as if $100 is nothing- trust me, $100 is HUGE in my life these days. :) But it's one of those things where you start thinking about the cost of your time involved in all of this, you know? But I am so getting my money, now, though- now it's become a 'principle of the thing' thing.

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