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How many times do I need to repeat myself?

I do not have insurance; I have health savings program which gives discounted fees for certain service. I used Relay to make my call and I pre-type my information to tell operator to disregard the automated system and get to a live person. Fine, she does that and first thing I tell the agent is that I need to be transfer to the Dental Department. He ignores this and goes on with his spiel about how we need your number etc etc. Again, I tell him that I do not have a medical account with this company; only Dental Account and I know he would not be able to help me. Again he ignores this information and ask for my number again; so I give him the information and he couldn't find it in the system No Shit Sherlock

So I told him I would like to be transfer to their Dental Department. He ignores this request again and ask me if I was sure if I was part of their network and ask for my information yet again. So I had to slowly explain to the agent that why I'm calling was to try to find out how much is the contracted rate for a teeth cleaning because the dentist could not quote me over the phone and how this is part of the Dental Savings Program within the company. He then asked me if I wanted to be transfer to the Dental Department?


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