Fortune's Last Cookie (diasphora) wrote in bad_service,
Fortune's Last Cookie

The day after my little brother's 21'st birthday (which was yesterday, but anyway), he went into a gas station to make his first beer purchase ever.

He placed the beer on the counter and was about to take out his ID when the cashier said,

"I need your ID."

Now, go you, cashier. Yay for doing your job. I work around alcohol too, and I know the importance of doing what he did, and yada yada.

However, when my brother gave the cashier his ID, the man stared at it..and stared...and stared...and stared some more. His eyes flicked to my brother, back down to the ID. Up...down..stare...stare...

Finally, the man said,

"Mmm. I think this is a fake ID."

My brother, of course, was stunned. For one thing, his ID is not fake at all. For another, it was the freakin day after his 21'st birthday. If you were going to make yourself a fake ID, wouldn't you make one with a birthdate that wouldn't draw such attention (as in, not a 'whee, it's my birthday!' ID card.)?

Here's what really gets me and makes this extremely, bizarre, bad service.

The cashier winds up the interchange with,

"Okay. Now, man, I'm going to sell you this beer, but I don't believe you're twenty-one."


First of all, if you were going to sell alcohol to a (supposed) minor in the first place, why the fuss about the ID? Second, this guy obviously doesn't know what a fake ID looks like. In Texas at least, there are several easy signs you can look for to quickly determine if a driver's license is fake. You're taught them in TABC (alcohol seller) classes. If you're just flicking your eyes from the front of the ID to the customer's face, you aren't looking for those signs; you're just thinking that, hmm golly gee, the customer doesn't look all that old.

No, he had no obligation to sell my brother alcohol if he didn't think he was of age, but for chrissakes, learn to tell a fake driver's license from a blatantly legit one. And, for the love of all things holy, don't kick your righteousness in the ass by, in your mind, selling booze to the 'minor' anyway!
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