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bad cafe service

New to the community, hello!

Ok on to the story:
This past weekend I traveled to Milwaukee with my sister and brother. We were only in town for the night and decided to check out some of the sights and eateries. Someone had given my sister the name of a nice coffee shop/cafe on the water, so we decided to try it out.

We got there and I ordered their sandwich special, three cheese panini. I specifically asked the girl taking my order if there was any type of sauce or dressing on the sandwich, she wasn't sure so she asked a co worker. Her co worker was rude and impatient, she was annoyed that I even asked a question. She told the girl ringing me up that "No, there was no sauce or dressing" and rolled her eyes. The girl ringing me up said she would put "no sauce" into the computer just in case, the girl told her not to do that b/c there was none on the sandwich and rolled her eyes again.

So in a few minutes I get my sandwich...there was dressing on it. I've worked in food, I know that mistakes are made, but what pissed me off is the attitude of the girl working. Not only did she roll her eyes, but her tone of voice was unacceptable as well. I took a bite of the sandwich and the dressing actually happened to be good, but that's not the point...

I didn't say anything b/c my sister and brother were begging me not to, but I feel now that I should have.

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