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Annoying service/is this normal?
I went to put in for my new apartment
They had 4 forms-a roommate form, a lease, an application, and a guarantor form.
I filled out my stuff and said I wanted a 10 month lease, that I would be living with 3 of my friends, and then said I would be seeing my father on Monday to get the lease and guarantor form signed by him (I am under 24 or 25 or whatever the age is to need a parental guarantor). They said fine, any time is ok.
A day or two later, they start calling my parents saying they need my paperwork NOW. My mom says...she said she would be seeing her father Monday and bring it in on Tuesday and was told that that was ok. They say that the owner is coming Tuesday and they need proof that people are interested in the place and thats the only reason they are rushing the paperwork. (I was originally told that I needed it any time before I moved in-which is AUGUST)
Cut to today. I get a phone call from them-rather nasty, saying that I needed to have my paperwork in by the end of the day and how I was holding off their placement of me with roommates. As they are saying this, I look down at the lease and realize that they put me down for 12 months, not 10.
Firstly, jesus, I said I would have it in by Tuesday and twice I was told and my parents that that was fine...and that it isnt even like we have a DEADLINE-they are just rushing it to have proof for the owner. Secondly, I already have roommates. We put in our applications to be together and its on my lease and application which unit I will be in. I call back and tell them all this, and he says well...we thought YOU said Monday, thats the only reason I called, and please have it in Tuesday as early as possible, we will be waiting for it (in a tone of voice that was not pleasant)
Is this normal? Or are they being a tad annoying? I just dont like being treated like a child who missed a deadline when they originally told me that any time would be ok before I moved in...which is months from now.
And I do not have time to get the lease changed today-I just dont. (Not before their office hours are over)
If I get my dad to sign what he needs to sign and then NOT sign it myself, will they be able to just cross off the 12 month and put 10 month and it be ok? (and I only sign after the times are changed)

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