You can't see me (littleminds) wrote in bad_service,
You can't see me

Some help needed

I will try to keep this as breif as possible. Firstly, I live in England (this may be relevant)

Last night I could not sleep for coughing, so went to get some cough medicine from the bathroom cabinet. My mom was in there, and came out, and she was dizzy, could not walk straight, etc. I asked what was wrong, and she said she had run out of her heart tablets, as she has a history of heart problems, as well as it running in the family.

I put her to bed with some water, her phone right next to her and the promise that she will ring me or come get me if she gets the SLIGHTEST bit worse. I decide to stay awake anyway, and just check on her every 30 minutes. I text a friend of mine, because I was panicing, and she told me to take my mom to the hospital. I decided to ring up the doctor's for some advice first.

I ring up, and because it is past midnight, get transferred to another surgery. They take my details, and a few minutes later the doctor rings me back. The conversation goes like this:

Me: -explains situation-
Doctor: there are no heart tablets anyone has to take at night.
Me: Yes I know, I am not talking about night ones. I mean the fact that she is dizzy, can't walk strai-
Doctor: -interupts- There are no tablets she has to take at night.
Me: Yes, I understand this. But I did not know if this was just something that would go away, or a genuine medical emergency. Could you please advise me?
Doctor: Ok that's it, bye -hangs up-

By this stage I was really in a state. Like I said, my mom has previous history of heart conditions. All I wanted was for someone to just tell me whether it was just something small, or something that she needed to be admitted to hospital for straight away. I called a nearby hospital and the receptionist said she could not give me medical advice, but suggested if I have concerns I ring the ambulance.

I am so annoyed at the doctor. He didn't tell me his name, or give me an oppurunity. I want to report him, but the only thing I have to go on is that I was transferred to somewhere in Suffolk, the doctor was male and foreign. What can I do?
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