kristin (layered) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Cabbie,

I was quite smashed last night, otherwise I would have done something immediately about your behavior.

1. You weren't the cabbie assigned to pick me up. I know this, because you told me that this 'wasn't (your) call', but you decided to pick me up anyway because you saw me standing outside the dorms and no one does that at 3 in the morning unless they're waiting for a ride. Kind of sucky to do to your co-workers, isn't it? I felt very guilty when I thought about it, but there was nothing to be done because you didn't tell me you weren't the 'right' cabbie until I was already in the car and on my way home.

2. You proceeded to tell me that we were going to go 'the long way' 'round because you were working off the book and didn't want your dispatcher to see you. As in, not being dispatched to pick people up. You told me that your dispatcher thought you were driving someone else to another town. That person had evidently not shown up, so you decided to take some people on the side. (You said your dispatcher had you running on 'dead calls' all night. I know that means that no one was there to be picked up, but you acted so damn creepy I wanted to ask to make sure. Because I honestly thought you might've meant that you were killing these other people and making bowls out of their skulls. Dead calls indeed.)

3. And that is all VERY creepy to a college-aged female alone and under-the-influence at 3 in the morning. If it weren't so cold out, I would have just asked you to pull over and gotten out. But then I would've worried about incurring your wrath.

4. Then, THEN, you overcharge me. By two bucks. I've taken cabs from the dorm to my house before, it's $6.50. You charged me $8.50. I wish I'd gotten your name or cab number or ANYTHING, because I would be calling your dispatcher about you today.

No love,
The girl you drove home last night.

I don't think I can accurately describe how creepy this guy was. He drove several blocks out of the way, down dark roads, to avoid driving us by his dispatcher's office. And if something HAD happened, there would've been no record of whose cab I was in or who was driving me, since it was 'off the book'. Plus, the matter of his overcharging me. I mean, two bucks is two bucks.

I'm so angry that I didn't get his name or cab number or anything, or even a good look at him - I know he was a larger fellow, with dark hair. That's it.

No idea what I can do about this, but I just wanted to vent.
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