emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

Me Being Whiney

Nothing TOO specific-but I went to the Cheesecake Factory and the service took forever...coupled with the waitress trying to shoo us out as quickly as possible.
At least, thats how it felt. It was just frustrating to be made to feel very unwelcome...yet at the same time taking forever for everything (our meal, to get our tickets, get change)

And this is NOT bad service, but I ordered chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake and there were nuts on top AND in it. Gross! I hate nuts. And I am a cookie dough lover-ice cream, cake, various pie things, candy, cheesecake...Ive had it all and I have never, ever ordered it anywhere where it came with nuts. At this point, I was too frustrated and wanting to leave to change out my cheesecake, so I just lived with it. (and I am guessing its probably just a different recipe they use-I dont guess its written anywhere that cookie dough cannot have nuts in it)

Im just annoyed right now because we planned a nice night and had a bad time. And we got to the theatre too late to see any shows (which was our fault, but still makes me feel whiney and cranky-though not as much as the nutty cookie dough)
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