Karina Lynn (karinalynn) wrote in bad_service,
Karina Lynn

This is my friend's story from today, not mine, but it pissed me off so bad. Here it is:

"I went to go look at this apartment..

Here out in the Excelsior.

The property management company , called Real Management Company, is located at 1234 Castro Street. Yes, way up the hill at 24th and Castro. I went and got the keys, left a photocopy of my DL, and 40$ deposit, and went to wait for the 48 bus, to take to the 14 bus. They said I could have the keys for an hour, and they knew I wasn't driving over there. I get there, about an hour and 10 minutes later. Classic MUNI.. When you need it to be fast. anyhow, the place was really hard to find too, it was a street that's maybe 80 feet long. But it was indeed RIGHT on mission. It's such a small street that the bus drivers, and people in the neighborhood had never seen or heard of it. That's pretty funny. anyway.

So at this point Real Management Company crawls up my butt about the keys. For like the 3rd time. We need our keys back, and were wondering where you were. I tell them I just found the property, and just checked it out. and that I can get their keys back to them now. Previously they had called when I hadn't even found the property, and were demanding the keys. Did they not want to rent this place? I asked, well can I at least find it first and look at it? I can bring the keys back and drop them in your mail slot on the door. They inform me verbatim, "No, that's simply not possible." Upon the 3rd or 4th call, they said, we need them in 15 minutes.

I tell them that even a cab won't get them their keys back in 15 minutes....seeing as I'm at Silver and Mission, and they're at 24th and Castro...They get pretty pissed. I tell them I'm getting a cab, so they shut up and go away. I hang up, and pretend to wait for a cab. They call back, I tell them I'm still waiting for a cab. They get really really pissed that it hasn't come, and they say they're sending "Joel," out to come pick up the keys from me in front of the property. I have to wait about 35 minutes for Joel to show up, (see, asshole? it takes a while to get over here...) who rolls around the corner in a red prius, motions with his hand for me to come over to his car.. says to me, "gimme the keys." Very staccato like.. I inform him that I'm sorry it took so long, and that this was hard to locate, and he knew I was taking the bus. Without flinching, he flips my cash deposit in my hand as I give him the keys from out of my jacket, looks at me with the meanest look I've seen from anybody in as long as I can remember, and says to me straight in the eye, "and don't you ever even think about trying to rent from us or apply with us ever again." He rolls the window up, nearly runs my foot over, and speeds away.


Real management company. a REAL Pain in the Ass."
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