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Don't you just hate having to post here?

I don't recommend Best Buy Mobile Installation to anyone unless you have a store you know and trust.

I have a Monsoon system in my Jetta. I don't like the headunit with it's features and it is completely obscured by the drop down cupholders.
I have my aftermarket Kenwood EZ500 that I had installed in my Scion xA entirely by myself, and never had any problems.

I was told by a Best Buy in Downey CA that the vehicle would need rewired for the premium sound to be at all effective, as my trunk does have an amplifier.

I was told by the Best Buy here in Tyler TX that rewiring wasn't necessary, and still they kept me there for 3 hours. I'm out here with my family for a week, and I figured it would be useful on the way home to have them switch these out and put XM in. They kept me there for three hours, and still I had to turn around and go back because initially they put the Kenwood in the top pocket of the double-DIN and my cupholders would come out not even all the way and then press the dials. I had to have him switch it. Also, when he put the pocket in the empty space, he used HOT GLUE. Apparently he used hot glue in a few places in the dash. They didn't have all the correct parts for the Volkswagen so he subbed BMW and rigged it to fit. It's crooked.

I know for a fact that it's incorrect because well check this out... the hot glue has already melted after two days and the pocket is trying to fall out. My dimmer wire was not connected (which is completely easy) and won't change the brightness on the faceplate when I turn my lights off and on. There is a setting on my Kenwood to adjust the amplifier and there is nothing coming from it when I increase or decrease and sounds exactly the same.

The car now sounds like a tin can, and probably HALF the quality of my Scion which didn't even come with premium sound.

I called them up and wanted to speak to a supervisor, after waiting on hold for 25 minutes. One of the two guys that was working on the installation was the one that claimed to be a supervisor and didn't seem that anything was wrong with what I was telling him, only saying to bring it in just to have a look at it.

if the installation job is indicitive of what to expect from them and seems to be perfectly acceptable because the man on the phone that helped do the job claimed to be a supervisor, then I'm not going to get anywhere with them.
I'm certainly not ready to put another 120 miles on my car(round trip 2 hrs) to have that moron "take a look".

I called another store further away but still local, and he said the hot glue was totally unacceptable but while they're booked up I am still free to go to any Best Buy even in CA or Phoenix(where I'm moving next week) as long as I have my receipt.

This is so completely aggravating but I'm waiting for it to be done. I am very unnerved because I do everything myself, all the time, and the professionalism of those two were awful for customer service. I would have done it myself for the Jetta but I have no experience with European vehicles. I could save $150 to do it myself but I thought I was getting a professional job, especially when Downey guy said that it would need rewired; something I've never done.

I sent a letter of complaint through the website webform about the store. After being on hold so much to the local place, Saturday is not the day to try to contact the store manager.

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