Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

This isn't bad service. In fact, it's downright good service. Still, it ruined the meal.

I decided I really wanted to go somewhere nice with my boyfriend, so we went to a seafood restaurant on my treat. We got there kind of late, so there was nobody else there. We had a waiter who came quickly, chatted us up for a very long time, talking about everything from the music to what my boyfriend was wearing. This made him uncomfortable.

Normally, when I go to a restaurant, I don't want to see my waiter except when we need drink refills, and once shortly after a meal to make sure we didn't find severed fingers. If someone comes by every couple of minutes throughout the meal, it ruins conversation and is just ackward.

Not only would this guy constantly linger, he would stare at us. He'd be walking around the restaurant, and constantly be staring at us with this huge, fake, and very creepy smile on his face. Seriously, he could be walking in the opposite direction and would turn his head all the way around just to keep smiling at me. I'm a private person, this made me extremely uncomfortable.

I dunno, it just irritated me that I really wanted a nice meal and paid an entire day's wage for it, and I spent the entire time being stared at by a stranger.

Also, I understand where he's coming from, he was probably just trained on customer service skills, but it made me very uncomfortable.

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