Manda (pale_september) wrote in bad_service,

I love Subway. I usually go there every day for a sandwich and one of their yummy salads. They are always nice and make awesome food. But the other day I think we got their only crappy employee. She's this old baggy looking lady with glasses. She never smiles and always looks extremely pissed.

The first thing she says to us is "What do you want?" without even glancing at us. We both order wraps with extra cheese. After asking for our sides she asks what sauces we'd like. She goes across once, and there is barely anything there. Oookay. I could have asked but I'm mousey I guess and didn't. The one thing she did that really pissed me off is that after my card went through she just stood there screwing with a bunch of cups. Didn't scoot our sandwiches across the table, didn't bag them, nothing...just stood there being baggy. So my 5'2 self had to practically climb across the counter to get our sandwiches. My boyfriend was staring off into space while looking at the vegetables.

I know it's not that bad but it really frustrated me that she couldn't even pass me my damn meal. Mean old woman.

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