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Travel Agency Nightmare - Part II

Travel Agency Nightmare - Part II

This is an update to this post.

I've uncovered some more information as to what actually happened.

Ms. Travel Agent used Air Canada's Travel Agent Website to make the booking on 18-Jan-2006. She immediately received an Air Canada "Itinerary" via e-mail (a copy of which has now been provided to me by the agency). This e-mail to her, from the Air Canada Travel Agent Website system, shows the booking of 2 tickets, and it lists both passengers' information, and it shows the proper total price of 2 tickets being charged to my MasterCard.

Two days later, on 20-Jan-2006, at 14:07:46 (according to the e-mail header) she received an official "Itinerary / Receipt", followed by another one at 14:09:48. It turns out that these two "Itinerary / Receipt" files were just 2 duplicates of the same file for some reason. And it showed ONE TICKET, with ONE passenger's information, and a charge for the amount of ONE ticket being charged to my MasterCarrd.

Looks to me like even though she "ordered" (and apparently was provided with confirmation of) 2 tickets, Air Canada's system only processed and took payment for one. Fine. Must have been a glitch in Air Canada's system. But the fact remains that she received the official "Itinerary / Receipt" in late-January, 2 days after the booking was generated, and failed to notice that it confirmed only 1 ticket was booked.

Also, when I contacted her on 21-Feb-2006 to inform her that I hadn't received a copy of the itinerary, she forwarded it on to me, and AGAIN failed to notice that it contained only 1 ticket. When I called her on 22-Feb-2006 to point out the error, she claimed there was no error and that both tickets were booked and there would be no trouble. She said she must have just forwarded me the wrong file, and did not check into the situation further. Instead, she just told me that the booking number is all that would be required for both pasengers to check-in at the airport.

As you know, we ended up discovering the error the night before travel, and after a 3 hour phone call with Air Canada, purchased a new ticket at the original January price after lots of frustration.

So bottom line... We ordered 2 tickets from our Agent. Our agent ordered 2 tickets from Air Canada. Air Canada only processed one ticket, and only charged for 1 ticket, due to a system glitch. Our agent didn't notice the mistake, and repeatedly confirmed to us that 2 tickets had been booked and paid in full. We bought the 2nd ticket, at the original price, after lots of frustration, arguing, and probelm solving. The whole process caused nervousness and loss of sleep the night before the early morning departure while trying to sort it all out overnight on the phone with Air Canada.

Who's to blame? What should we do? In the end, all that has actually been charged to our credit card is 1 ticket back in January (although we were told 2 were charged to it at the time, and received a receipt indicating payment for 2 tickets received in full), the agent's commission fee back in january, and 1 ticket the night before the trip. So we haven't paid anything extra. But this shouldn't have happened.


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