Somedaydreamer (someday22) wrote in bad_service,

Why I shouldn't eat out...

After reading several entries about fast food, I've decided to share my crappy experience last Friday.

Go to the Steak n Shake drive-thru. I order a large ff & a patty melt on white bread. Patty melts are traditionally on rye--I HATE rye.
She repeats it. I pay, get my bag...mmmm hot fries....get home. And yes, it's on rye. I should've actually looked at the receipt because she'd physically entered rye as my choice of bread. DUH. So, that could've been avoided at the window had I been paying attention, but still.

I call & speak to the manager. It would have taken 45 minutes round trip to go back & get it corrected & I was grumpy & tired, so I don't think so. He took my name & just told me to come in with the receipt & I could get the meal replaced. Fine. By this time I had to throw the fries away because, eewww, they were cold.

Now, after pitching my 1st attempt at dinner, I decide to order a sub from a local pizza place....from whom I've ordered a dozen times. I place the call at 5:45, give my address, correct him when he repeats my address, give him my phone #, & repeat my order because he's never heard of a Beef & Cheddar hoagie. (newbie!) 30-45 minutes is the estimate. Fine. Cut to 7:00. No food. I call back. The guy never wrote down my phone number & he went to the wrong apt. complex because he wrote the wrong address. My order would be remade & free. Finally, at 7:50 he shows up. He apologized for the mix up (he was the guy who took my order) & seeing as how I'm not good at being a bitch to someone's face, I said it was fine. But did not tip him. My Beef & Cheddar? It was good, but I really don't think they're "gourmet" enough to have white cheddar. :) Oh...and they added a free Oreo cheesecake, but it wasn't good.

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