Kristie (krissy_jhnsn) wrote in bad_service,

New poster here.

This happened a while ago, but I thought it's good enough to join in on the fun.

When I was very pregnant with my first child I had just moved to VA and didn't really have any friends or know anyone yet. I was lost all the time for the first few weeks basically.
One day as I was out driving by myself, I couldn't really see any good places to eat so I wound up at a McDonalds at Wal-mart. (barf)

When I got there, the line was really long but I had to eat so I waited. There was this guy behind the counter making cracks at all the coustomers trying to make them laugh, but I just thought it was annoying and only could hope to be waited on by someone else. This guy obviously thought a lot about himself, they way he just couldn't shut up and kept laughing at himself.

Anyway I did not get so lucky and he had to take my order. I told him I just wanted a salad and then he interrupts me and says "Oh girl- were you tryin' or was that an accident?" (pointing at my huge belly)

I was too much of a disoriented state of shock to respond, but I was fuming. Apparently it was all over my face and he could tell so he said "Woah- girl don't you be gettin' so mad, it was just a question!" Then I woke up and gave it to him.

"Why the HELL is it ANY of your business how I got pregnant?" He straightend up and just got done with my order. But if I wasn't so tired that day I would have said something to the manager. I mean.. how do they train these employees??

What a jack-ass.
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