kittentaboo (ex_kittenta) wrote in bad_service,

Steak and Shake Follies and a WTF

1. I really loved your dark chocolate milkshakes made for Halloween, Steak and Shake. You delighted me by continuing to offer these well into the new year, and have just recently added them to your full-time menu! This has been me ever since about mid-February:

cashier: Welcome to Steak 'n Shake, go ahead with your order.
me: I'll have just a regular dark chocolate shake.
cashier: Okay, so that's a regular dark chocolate shake? Anything else?
me: No thanks, that'll be it.

And the item will register as a "Regular Dark Сhocolate Milkshake" on the screen. At least half of the time, the cashier will make an acknowledgment of my dark chocolate shake as they're handing it to me.

The past six times, at LEAST, I have not received what I ordered. Four of those times, I've received a regular chocolate shake, once a Chocolate Fudge Sippable Sundae, and once a LARGE STRAWBERRY shake (the two sizes are very different and the milkshake comes in a clear glass so there was NO missing that one, not to mention the girl said "and your dark chocolate shake" as it was handed to me). I know chocolate and dark chocolate might seem trivial, but their chocolate shakes are extremely light in colour, versus the deep colour of the dark chocolate. The tastes are also very different...there is no mistake, and I've been told they're made with different syrups so it's not merely a case of "not adding enough" (and even if it was, why would it happen a half-dozen times in a row?)

Today was the last straw, though. I found four broken pieces of plastic blended into my shake -- what appears to be part of a broken up fork -- and a tiny piece of paper. As much as I love the milkshakes, they have absolutely lost my business for a long time.

If you're not going to serve dark chocolate shakes any longer, why did you even go to the trouble of adding them to your menu -- as that's about the time when I began to have difficulty ordering them. And how can you keep getting it wrong? The milkshake is the only thing I order! I know I'm a little chubby and I come through often, but if this is some subtle hint to stop coming (as has been suggested to me), then you can just fuck the hell off.

2. This is the third time in about two weeks that I've pulled up to the drive-thru and had absolutely no one answer. I won't sit there for longer than two minutes, so I drive off, and the person behind me gets their order taken. Then when I double back and get back in line, my order is taken quite speedily. I don't know why this happens but it's really very annoying, especially when I'm on a lunch break and those five minutes spent waiting and getting back into line COUNT.

And, the WTF. Is there any such thing as a "Dr. Pepper Milkshake"? Not at Steak 'n Shake, there isn't. So, the last time I ordered my dark chocolate shake, why did the order taker think that's what I asked for? Also, "that's all" is not "and a malt". I understand sometimes the reception is poor through the drive-thru speakers, but it's never noisy when I order, I can always hear them perfectly, and I enunciate rather well and loudly while ordering.

I realise this probably came off like I'm a bitch, but I'm really pretty upset.
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