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Long time reader, first time poster, yadda yadda and all that fun shtuff.

This isn't so much bad service, as really freaking annoying service.

Ok, this is bullshit.

For the past three days, I've been trying to pay for a one month subscription to WoW. The subscription costs $14.99, and in front of me, in my hands, I have a Simon Giftcard (basically a pre-paid Visa card), that has $15.02 on it. Everything should be hunky-dory, right?


Three times now I've gone to the Blizzard site and tried to pay my account. Luckily, when you put in your credit card information, it automatically turns your account on. However, the next day, I'll try to log on, and I'll get some damn schpeal about how my pre-paid time has run out.

After the third time, I got fed up and called the WoW 800 number. Now, the fifteen minute hold wait wasn't too bad considering they were playing Diablo II music, but the explination they gave me is a load of crap.

Despite the fact that my two roomates used the exact same card and it workd just fine for them, apparently Blizzard has 'lots of problems' accepting any sort of pre-paid credit card. The only options the guy gave me were to either borrow someone elses credit card, or shell out $30 to pay for a pre-paid Game card (pray tell, what is the difference between a pre-paid game card, and a pre-paid visa?). Yeah, like the second option is going to happen. And the first is out of the question because none of us here in the house own any credit cards.

So apparently, I'm up a creek without a paddle.

However, I've noticed that each of the three times this has happened, the visa card hasn't gotten charged. Hell, if Blizzard wants to keep giving me free play time one day at a time, I'm cool with that.

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