pinkpineapple (pinkpineapple) wrote in bad_service,

Heebee Jeebees

All I have to say is wow.

Last night after work I was starving tired and cranky. I settled for McDonalds since it was still open. I pull into the drive through.

Me: BLT meal crispy with coke.
Him: You have a pretty voice.
Me: Thanks? Thats all...
Him: $6.13

I pull through and this guy keeps it up
He hands me my drink
Me: May I please have some honey mustard, I'll pay for it
Him: Naw, you're so sweet you don't have to pay.
...walks away...
..comes back..
Him: Girl you so pretty its a shame you on lockdown(wtf?) with your blonde hair it be my job to make the ladies feel good.
Me: Haha! K!
Him: Aw girl thats a cute little pose you did
Me: (thinking) yeah its the oh my jeeze leave me alone pose

After a few more minutes of awkwardly smiling at him, (I can't hear very well out of my left ear so I didnt understand most of what he said) I get my food.
I pull away from the window practically squeeling my tires and look in the bag.

I got a BLT ... grilled
NO Honey Mustard AFTER I offered to pay. Yeah I really like it.
and if I wasn't already pissed off enough, he gave me a Diet Coke.

Every thing on my SIX dollar meal was wrong. That's a lot to pay for fast food.

He got EVERY part of my order wrong, made me thoroughly uncomfortable, and the entire exchange took about 15 minutes. The fries weren't even hot, he didn't offer ketchup, he was too busy bugging the hell out of me that he didn't get my order right.
I didn't want to pull back through because I was so freaked out and just wanted to get home so I left. I still haven't called them to complain, but I will. I don't even know his name, he didn't have a tag.
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