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I've never had to complain about crappy service until now.

So. For Christmas, my mother's boyfriend buys me a Creative Zen Micro 6gig mp3 player. Awesome. I listen to an ungodly amount of music. I need lots of space. Plus I can back up a few choice files on it if need be. Perfect. Wonderful. I install the software, download all the drivers and firmware I need, start loading 'er up with music..good for about two weeks.

The kit comes with a USB charger cable. Irritating, but whatever. So long as it charges, right? Well the manual specifies that one should not connect using a USB hub, so I connect straight onto a USB port. Perfect. But... it's taking 8-9 hours to charge, wheras the manual says it should take a maximum of three. Hmm. Plus, I should be able to get a max of 12 hours of playtime with normal use... I'm getting about an hour and a half. Right. Oh, and the screen decides it likes to freeze upon start-up for an unspecified amount of time.

So I contact Creative Zen. I have my reciept, date of purchase, serial number, all that lovely stuff. I get an RMA number. Perfect. I send it off via Expedited USA mail out of my own pocket. I track it online. I watch Creative Zen's website for updates... none. "Product Not Yet Tested" every single time, for about ten days after they receive my player. Then, suddenly, my player arrives in the mail. YAAAY!! All fixed!! Wonderful!!


Now I install the software, go through this whole process again... and now... get this....

It takes 36 hours to charge!!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!

And now my computer won't even detect the f**king thing. Can't even upload music to wear the battery to test it on another f**king computer. This is just peachy.

So tomorrow, just to give them the benefit of a doubt, I'm going to not only test this bloody thing on a different computer, but I'm going to buy the $40 travel adapter just to prove I'm a good f**king customer who will go the extra mile to make sure the problem is not on my end.

Seriously... I did not wait 30+ days to receive a warrentee repair that works worse than my previously damaged unit.
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