Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,


-_- Stupid local news.

They had a report on wardriving and claimed throughout the segment that if you have a wireless router then someone can come along and wardrive you and steal your identity. -_- "Hackers will use your wireless router to gain access to your computer and steal your personal information then they can steal your identity. By the time you know something is wrong your credit can be ruined and the police can be on your doorstep."

Stupid local news. If you're going to do a fucking news report then at least get your facts right and don't start spreading incorrect things about wireless networks. This causes idiots to come into our business who then tell us, "well I saw on the news that my identity can be stolen if I have a wireless network. I want a refund on my router!" Then we have to explain we don't give refunds on items that are not defective nor will we exchange on a non-defective item. We can't turn around and sell the item as new so we lose money because your stupid segment makes the paranoid idiots think they're identity will be stolen if they use a wireless network. -_-

Oh and I forgot to mention in my original post... They did not interview ANYONE who is a computer specialist. They interviewed one police officer and some college students who were doing a project for their class on wardriving. That's it. They didn't talk to anyone who has network security knowledge. They didn't talk to any computer store owners who specialize in setting up wireless networks. They did shit other then to spread bad facts.

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