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We're out...

Wednesday is one of my two later days at work. I stand all day at work doing hair, so I'm pretty hungry by 7pm. So, I wandered into Jet's Pizza for two slices to take home for dinner. It was only about 730pm...they don't close until 11pm. I asked for two slices with some ranch, please...the girl says, "We don't have anymore slices" and just stares at me. The guy in back says loud enough for me to hear, "Yeah, because we don't feel like making anymore." I give her a look like, what!? and walk out. Their menu says: hot slices served all day. They were still to be open until 3½ more hours and I've gotten slices at 930pm before. It looked like a bunch of high schoolers and someone maybe just over 18. So, needless to say, I was a little disappointed. The girl wasn't friendly about it or anything. That was nice...I ended up having fries and chicken nuggets for dinner. Not as tasty as two pieces of pizza.

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