Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

I need the contact hounds to find something for me.

A friend ordered a vacuum from Wind Storm Vacuum 6 weeks ago and has yet to recieve it. Now, I did some hunting and the company has an F rating with the BBB, so it's not looking good.

However, she's going to give them the benefit of the doubt and try to track her order. The problem is that the only number she has available is the one on the web site and you can't actually speak to a person with that one. It wants you to enter the telephone number you ordered it from to track your order and it keeps telling her that they have no record of an order being placed by that number.

Is there any other number anyone knows of that might lead to an actual flesh and blood human? I'd hate to see her out the money as this would just further cement her belief (and mine as well) that there is a black cloud following her every where she goes.

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