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Restaurant Chatter

After lurking for a bit, I've had an experience that was just too strange.

I can't decide if the following was bad service or just very odd service. A few days ago a friend, her two children, and I went out to a non-chain restaurant for dinner. Everything was going really well: excellent waiter, fast service, and good food. Then the manager (at least I'm assuming she was the manager) came over to our table. She proceeded to sit down and talk at us for twenty to thirty minutes. She never asked about the food, service, or anything even vaguely restaurant related, instead we learned, in excruciating detail, about her problems with her credit card company. After that topic was abandoned she told us about her boyfriend or husband - afterward we couldn't decide which he was since she refer to him as both. She didn't get or ignore all the polite hints to leave like "the food is good, I want to finish it" or "this is excellent chicken, I don't want it to get cold." Eventually, she gives us a big smile and leaves after saying "It was good to see you."

I like friendly polite staff, not ones who sit down and share their personal life with the customers. It seems a very strange thing for staff to do. I've never had it happen to this degree before in any type of food service place.

I didn't think I should call in a complaint because aside from making us uncomfortable there was no problem. Seriously, when I go for a meal I do not want your life story, it is your personal life and I don't have any right to it. Has this happened to anyone else?

Edit: I'm assuming she was the manager since she seemed to be directing the rest of the staff, when she wasn't talking with customers.
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