Bethany (breanyasmommy) wrote in bad_service,

Sort of a question.....

This is more annoying than bad service. Saturday night after a viewing, my family decided to go out for dinner. We decided a buffet would be a better choice than a restaurant as there was about 11 people with 11 different tastes. I know restaurants automatically charge a gratuity on parties 8 or more but I have never heard of it at buffets. So we figure out who is paying for who and go up. The cashier asks if we all want to be seated together. When my dad answered yes, she says ok but because its a big party, gratuity is added in the bill. Okay, I can sort of understand. Then she says its 17%. The total bill was over $150, that means they wanted to charge us an additional $26 dollars to bring drinks and supposedly refills. Refills ended up being pitchers set out on the table (which I like anyway). So my dad converses with my grandpa and the decision is made that we will all just sit at different tables near each other. However, the waiters and person seating us decided that wouldnt work and just moved the tables together anyway. Yay, them. Anyway, my question is has anyone else encountered this at a buffet and about what is the average percentage for automatic gratuity?
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