Le Renard Chartreuse (yesenia_markova) wrote in bad_service,
Le Renard Chartreuse

Two stories...

First time poster:

Episode I:

So, my boyfriend had the Dell laptop from hell. It crashed on him on a regular basis and the fan starting fizzling about six months after he got it. Eventually the fan died and he had to send it in. So he sent it in and they 'fixed' the fan, and sent it back. About two months after he got it back, the fan died again, so the computer would over-heat and shut-off. He couldn't send it in, as he needed to do work on it, so he had to have a strong, external fan on it at all times when it was on. Then it died completely, and he needed a new harddrive, which they sent relatively quickly. That was okay. Finally, once school was out, he decided to send it in to get the fan fixed. This was when the fun began. He needed them to send him a box so he could send the computer back. He needed the box sent to his home address, not his school address (in another province), which he clarified several times. The box was sent to the school apartment. A week later, after correcting them on this, yet another box was sent to his school address. Finally, he receieved the box at his home address and sent the computer in. It was returned about a week later. When he opened the computer, it was covered in crumbs and now it wouldn't even turn on. Essentially, he sent it in, someone ate lunch over it, then broke it more, and sent it back. Luckily he still had the box, so he sent it back (after telling them that if it was sent back broken again, he would like them to replace it...it was still under warranty). Finally, it comes back fixed. The fan lasts four months, then kicks it. By the summer the computer was squealing. Sadly, his warranty was done, so he had to buy a new computer.

I don't know if it was so much bad service, so much as 'Dell blows.'

Anyway, onto the second story:

Boyfriend and I were eating at a diner (Nickel's, which is owned by Celine Dion) who had pretty bad food overall, but a great appetizer platter. So we order one to split. Food comes and we start to eat, until boyfriend bites into a still frozen chicken wing. We both stop eating and call the waitress over. She doesn't apologize, grabs the plate, and takes off. When the plate it returned, the chicken wing with the bite taken out of it is still there, only now it has been micro-waved so it is lukewarm. We give up, don't finish the food, and leave a tiny tip.

I mean really, I get that it was the kitchen's fault that the wing was frozen. However, the waitress should have apologized (on behalf of the kitchen) and replaced the wing, not merely microwaved it and then sent it back.

We haven't been back to that restaurant since.
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