mighty fuck of the lands (roadsidemessiah) wrote in bad_service,
mighty fuck of the lands


Last night was the epitome of bad service.

And of course... you know where it occured. A Denny's.

Last night I went to Denny's with a few of my friends and I. The waitress? Worthless.

She came over to ask what we wanted to drink. Brought our drinks. No straws. When she came over we asked for napkins and straws she said "No". Now, obviosuly she was trying to be funny, but that didn't work. She was being a complete bitch to people who were going to pay for their food. Took our order. Talked to her friends sitting in booth oh, five feet from us. Came over once, when our drinks were all empty. "Is everything alright?" I so badly wanted to answer no. But, instead, she walked away before she got an answer. So. We get ready to leave after eating (the food was good)... and I go up to the cash register.

The waitress that had just walked in the door five minutes ago had to take my credit card, because she was sitting down. Talking to her friends. She asked "How was everything?" and I answered "Well, the service left a lot to be desired". She nodded, clearly knowing what was going on. "I'll tell the manager when he gets in this morning". She was quite a pleasant young lady, and knew exactly what she was doing. Anyways, on Monday I'm gonna call just to make sure that the manager got the message. I mean, I know it's Denny's and you can't expect much from them, but damn, I at least expect the waitresses to be on their feet and giving me food, not talking to their friends. Worse, the store looked like it'd been hit by a hurricane. If I was a manager of Denny's (and not Wendy's) I'd certainly have fired her ass on the spot.
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