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Bad Service...I think.

So, my girlfriend gets bad cold sores. She is prescribed Valtrex for them. She had a prescription filled at Savon in LA, and then, months later; we were in San Francisco for the weekend when the prescription ran out so she got it transferred to a Rite Aid there. A few months after that, back in LA, she needed her third refill. So, she forgets it was transferred to Rite Aid and goes to have it filled at the original Savon. They agree to call Rite Aid to get it transferred back over, but they also tell her they don’t have her insurance on file. She tells them, no, they do, please check. They check and tell her the policy has expired, which it hasn’t, and they need to call the help desk and wait for a call back. Unfortunately, she has lost her card, so cannot just give it to them again. My girlfriend asks if there is any way they could just transfer the prescription back to Rite Aid cause she needs to get the pills ASAP and doesn’t want to stand at Savon (where we’ve already been for half an hour) waiting for a call cause their system isn’t working. They tell her she has to make the call. She asks if she could use their phone as her cell batteries just died. They tell her no. None of this is all that bad, just that every thing they said to her was complete with eye rolling and evil stares, and they seemed to be actively trying to make her feel like a pain.
So, we leave and go to Rite Aid where we stand in line for 15 minutes and the line never moves. She’s upset; she feels disgusting and embarrassed about her cold sores and just wants to go home. I say, “let’s try the small pharmacy near your work, maybe they can do it.” So we go there, the pharmacist comes out from behind the counter and, when she describes her problem, he rolls his eyes and says to her
”So, what? You just want to keep transferring your prescriptions back and forth?”
He looks at her as if she is trying to pull something over on him. She explains she was out of town on business and that Savon’s computers won’t pull up her insurance so she hopes they can help her. The man rolls his eyes and walks away. He never tells her if he’ll be able to help or not. Luckily, he does get the prescription, but by the time we left she was in tears.
Can anyone tell me what the hell was going on with all of these people? Granted, they were all busy, and the final place we went closed in 15 minutes so I can see how it may have been inconvenient, and also it sucks that she couldn’t find her card, but they all acted as if she was trying to score morphine or something. It also bears noting that my girlfriend is supremely polite and courteous, even under stress, so her attitude wasn’t the problem. I kind of want to go back to the last pharmacy and yell at the guy (I was outside at the time and didn’t hear what he said although I saw the interaction and by the time she came out they were closing so I couldn’t go back in and complain), but I am wondering, are we both crazy, or were all of these people really just freaking mean and impatient for no good reason?
Insight anyone?
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