"il dolce far niente" (silken_shadow) wrote in bad_service,
"il dolce far niente"

Deli Dilemma with a good ending

After reading pavlovskitty's tale of troubles at the Super Target deli, I was reminded of something that happened a couple of years ago:

This happened in a local Lowes Foods. The hubby and I were grocery shopping. While he gathered things on the list, I went to the deli because it can take a while especially on a Saturday afternoon. I waited politely while several people before me were served. Just as it was my turn, a man came up, went to the end of the deli case and motioned to the clerk. They were obviously friends and chatted for several minutes. I said, "Excuse me," a couple of times and the clerk held up her finger in a "just a minute" gesture. After waiting what I considered long enough - maybe 4-5 minutes, I took my cell phone and called the store (the number was on a sign advertising deli platters). When the call was answered, I asked for the manager and told him where I was and what was going on. He apologized and told me he would take care of it immediately.

The next thing I know the phone in the deli is ringing. The clerk ignores it. It stops ringing, then starts again. Again she ignores it. Obviously it was the manager calling as it happened the moment I hung up my phone call.

There was no way I was walking away now. As I continue to wait and watch the clerk flirting with her friend, a man approached with a very determined look on his face. He nodded at me then went to the clerk, told the friend he needed to speak to the employee and took her a few feet away. You should have seen her face! She went white as a ghost then blushed beet red.

I couldn't hear what the manager was saying because he was speaking forcefully but very quietly, the girl was hanging her head. A minute later, the manager was behind the counter with the girl and they both waited on me and the other people who had come up in the meantime.

Have to admit I admired the way the manager handled it: He didn't shout or make a scene nor did he belittle the clerk within earshot of the public. Even more so, though, he helped her out of the problem by donning an apron, headcover, and gloves and going to work. He didn't appear angry with her just disappointed. He talked pleasantly to her while they worked side-by-side. By the time my order was complete, he had her smiling and apparently working quite willingly and with good spirit.

He did come out from behind the case to give me my cold cuts and I asked him why she was alone on a Saturday afternoon. He shook his head and said he was going to ask her department manager the same thing. I have a feeling the dept. mgr. was in for more trouble than the girl.

By the way, I saw the girl several times after this incident and she was working in the bakery. She seemed much happier and smiled a lot.
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