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WTF, Commerce

Again, I had problems with Commerce bank.

I'm a student, far from home, so my ATM/checking account is the only way my mother can get money to me. About two weeks ago, my ATM/debt card stopped working. It was embarrising too, since I was buying dorm stuff from Target and the check-out girl was getting angry at me (bad service for another day...). I thought maybe it was just Target, since my card had worked the day previous without any problem.

I try the card at two ATM machines and in another store. Nope, still doesn't work. Weird. I know I have 100+ dollars in it, so it couldn't be that reason.

So, I went around with my checkbook if I needed to buy groceries and things. Today, my mother drove up to see me at school and take care of some things on campus and in town. We find a Commerce bank and ask them about my card.

They said it had been "closed". The reason for this is that I was overdrawn and after a few days of being overdrawn, the card stops working and is considered "closed". The man assured us it was "standard procedure" but my mother demanded to know why we were never notified of this.

I ask when the overdraft happened, since I put money in a few weeks ago. He said Decemeber. Now, I did get overdrawn during the week of Christmas, but put an entire paycheck in to cover it the next time the bank was open after the holidays. I explain that to him and he types on his computer and goes "Oh. Weird. You did pay that. Wonder why your card was closed then..."

Gee, really? Me too. I told him that even if it was because of being overdrawn, my card still worked up until about Feburary 5th and that that wasn't "a few days" after the overdraft. He had no answer for me except it was a "bank mistake". (I've noticed this bank makes a lot of mistakes...)

He proceeds to cut up my ATM card, since it's "worthless" now, and would I like a new one? Yes! Of course I do, you just cut up my other one! So I get a new card and says that everything with my account is fine.

Just like they told me after Christmas, when I paid the overdraft fee.

Just like they told me in Janurary when they wouldn't let my mother deposit a check to cover my school books because my account was "frozen" because of the "unpaid overdraft".

Just like they told me in Feburary when I called and asked why my card wasn't working.

That's it. When I get out of school in May, I'm getting a new bank. This is crazy. I PAID THE OVERDRAFT! Why are they still trying to penalize and charge me for it? In FEBURARY! Two months later!
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