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Suntrusts Saga

For two years I dealt with Suntrust. I finally closed my account on 2/10 and now they say I owe them nearly $300 bucks . . . because they sent back my direct deposit check.

I have had numerous problems with Suntrust in the nearly 2 years that I have done personal banking with them.

I had problems cashing checks: it took nearly 15 minutes once for them to verify who I was and cash a $25 check for me. A supervisor finally asked me for my social security number through the drive-thru box to find me in the system. For reference, I was the ONLY one in the drive-thru for about 10 minutes of that period, two people attempted to find me before the male supervisor finally took the case after I requested my check back and I did not have a deposit/withdrawl slip with my account number on it, but sent my Driver’s License along with the check.

I had problem depositing money: it took almost 7 days for a check from my mother’s Suntrust account to be placed into my own (the day after she received her paycheck) – causing me to rack up nearly $200 dollars in Insufficient Funds with only $22 worth of charges before I noticed there was a problem two days after the I placed the deposit.

I had problems making purchases and having them show up in my available balance: sometimes basic charges such as Publix would take up to two weeks. I thought this was a problem with Publix itself because it took so long, but I compared it with my boyfriends charges (who doesn’t have Suntrust) and when we shopped together, paid within two minutes of each other, and both paid using our Debit Cards – his balance would show up before we even made it home (20 minutes) – mine, on the other hand, would literally take days before it showed as a purchase in my available balance.

After finally getting sick and tired of this, I went to a local credit union and was accepted after they ran a credit check (just so you know I have good credit and have NEVER had a problem with any other credit cards, etc . . .).

Now . . . I go to Suntrust to close my checking account. I never want to see or hear from them again. You would think everything would be fine, right? Psht.

I had been planning on closing my account for sometime, so for two weeks prior to closing it, I had not put a single charge on my card. Nothing. Nada. Zero. I didn’t want any surprises. My direct deposit from work was scheduled to go through on Friday, February 10th at 12:01am. I checked my balance that Friday at approximately noon and found that the $13 I had in the bank and the direct deposit amount were showing in my available balance . . . totaling $268.79. (Yes, I am a poor college student working part-time.) I picked my sister up from school and headed to my bank . . . around 4pm.

I went inside, spoke with a teller, and explained that I wished to close my checking account. She asked my reason and I told her, “Truthfully, it’s the bad customer service that I’ve experienced.” She kind of eye-balled me, so I added, “I personally have never had problems with this branch though, so thank you very much for that,”. She warmed up a little and we closed the account. She gave me a Closing Withdrawal Ticket, which I signed and got a copy of, and then handed me the $268.79 in cash and informed me that the account would become active again it any other charge went through. I told her I hadn’t written a check or swiped my card in nearly two weeks and she told me I’d be fine then.

Fast forward: to the end of that next week (Thursday the 16th). I received a call at my office desk from our head of the Finance Department. She said that Suntrust had returned my last direct deposit, yes – the one that was in my available balance on February 10th which I already had the money for. She wanted to know if I had received the money or if she should cut me a check on the spot. I told her that I had the money – it was in my available balance and I had gotten it in cash when closing my account. She said okay and that the money was going to stay at F&MB (the company’s bank) until they heard from Suntrust – because obviously they screwed up when sending the check back.

Fast forward again to today: I receive a letter postdated February 22nd. It is from Suntrust stating that I owe them $287.24 and need to send them a money order or go to a branch and make a deposit.

I logged online and found that on 2/13 a Closing Debt of $268.79 was charged to my account and on 2/21 Suntrust placed a $32 Extended Overdraft Fee on my account . . .

I called their 1-800-SUNTRUST and talked with a representative who stated the following: The direct deposit money was not in my account when I closed it; I owed them $287.24 and needed to pay it. I told him that the account was closed on 2/10 – after my direct deposit from 12:01am that morning had been placed on my available balance and the representative had handed me the money for that direct deposit as well as the $13.xx that I had sitting in the bank. He told me that no, it looked like I had taken money out of my account on 2/13 for the amount of $268.79 without sufficient funds. I told him that I was staring at my Closing Withdrawl Ticket and that it said something completely different and had the date of 2/10.

The line was silent for a few odd moments before I finally just sighed and asked him what they could do for me at this point since it sounded like they sent back my direct deposit check after giving me the money. I also said that I didn’t have that money – the bank they sent it back to did. He said that I would have to go to the bank where I closed my account and work things out with them.

At this point I am pretty ticked. He literally told me that I owed them money, that it was my fault and not theirs, and that I had to wait until Monday – go across town (1 hour drive) – and talk in person with a representative. I wanted to ask why the hell we couldn’t settle this over the phone, but I just said thank you and hung up.

I am pissed. I closed my account with Suntrust because they suck. Now they’re acting like an ex-boyfriend who won’t leave me the hell alone. I am fuming. Monday afternoon I am headed across town to the bank branch I closed the account at and will explain this to them again. At this point, the logical thing would be for them to admit that they screwed up by sending my direct deposit check back after it was already showing in my account and call F&MB to explain – get their money from them, cancel the Insufficient Funds Penalty that is on my account – and close it for good.

I also have a school account with them that my school deposits my scholarships in twice a year. I am also going to close that account (which I previously left open since I never do anything with it and it’s convenient to get the scholarship money instantly as opposed to waiting on a check). I also plan to make it clear that I want those accounts completely closed and that I never want any type of contact from them.

This is ridiculous and is now causing me stress, time, and worry. I plan to write a letter to Suntrust regarding all of the problems I have had with them . . . the reason I closed my account is because I had so many problems – the fact that they are creating more problems for me even after my account is closed is driving me crazy.
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