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About Ebay and WAMU

Hi. I've had Washington Mutual since 2004 and I've had trouble with their online service. Recently they've given me the runaround whenever I try and call them to see why I keep getting looped back onto a Sign Up page for a new Online Account, but I'm already logged in though. I've called several times, but the people there are so rude on the phone I've just given up. I'm thinking of moving to a new bank. I'm not sure which one, but I'm thinking more of Bank Of America though...still not sure.


Now, Ebay on the other hand, is a great service to me, but what I just HATE is the extra charges they throw in. It's especially hard when you can barely afford payments. Thankfully my account was suspended, so thankfully I got messages like this:

"I will retract the unpaid item strike when payment is finally received. But otherwise I am not going
to wait when you keep saying you will be sending out payment but not actually following through."


Isn't there anything similar to ebay with lower prices that won't jack up? ;_;

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