Lindsay Johnson (dark_rhapsody) wrote in bad_service,
Lindsay Johnson

Bank of America...

Due to a scare at my university (they released all our names with social security numbers online) I signed up for Bank of America's Privacy Source service. I have a checking and savings account with them, and figured I could trust their credit monitoring service moreso than some random entity that decided to put up a website.

As a college student, I don't have very much spare cash, and so when it got to the end of the one month free trial period, I called to cancel. This was about two weeks ago, the evening before the free trial was going to run out.

The stupid bitch on the phone gave me the run around, attempting to talk me out of cancelling. She asked all the typical nosy questions about why I wanted to cancel, and tried to talk me out of it. ("Knowing your credit record is important." Yes, I know, but to me, eating and buying gas is more important.) Finally I wore her out, or so I thought. For the eight billionth time in the conversation I told her "I just want to cancel before my trial period is up." She responded "You will be able to access your account information until the trial period is up."

I took this to mean that she was cancelling it then, and that I would be able to access my account until when the trial period was up (the next day), at which point my account would be inactivated, and that, as it was before the end of the free trial period, I would not be charged. Especially when I clarified "So I will not be charged anything, correct?" and she said, "Correct."

Apparently this was wrong.

Apparently she didn't cancel my account, despite the fact that I asked her to several times, and never said anything that would indicate that it was okay for them to keep my account active because on my credit card statement today there was a charge for $129 from Bank of America Privacy Source. This was billed approximately two weeks after my account was up and I called to cancel.

I do not have the rep's name or anything of that sort so I am not sure how much recourse I have (especially since I'm not sure the rep ever specifically said she was cancelling the account, even if she gave the appearance that she was. I am thinking of calling as soon as their customer service line is open, asking to speak to a supervisor, explaining the situation, and getting this cleared up, because I am NOT PAYING $129 for a service I cancelled. (And all the fine print on their website and everything does say that if the service is cancelled during the 30 day trial period you do not have to pay the $129 charge.) This is beyond bad service. I'm not sure if it is criminal, but it is certainly unethical.

Anyone been in this situation/have any advice?
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