This is how I rock (cindy_ann) wrote in bad_service,
This is how I rock

This bugs the crap out of me.

I had to go to my bank today to take care of some business. While I was in line this annoying woman with a clipboard started asking me what I was here for today. When I told her that I would rather wait till I got a teller to discuss my business she told me they are very busy and that she was there to speed things along so I wouldn't "use up so much of their time". I'm sorry but she couldn't even help me with what I was there for anyway and I didn't feel comfortable sharing my business with all the people around me in line. When I told her that was ok she pretty much told me that I have to tell her what I was there for. What the hell when did the banks get a person that does that and why do we have to share what we're there for with them?
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