Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

Dangerous Bad Service that became Good Service

My husband needed a refill on his cardizem. (A heart pill that regulates heart rate and blood pressure.) I called his cardiologist so they could call it in for me since they had kind of forgotten to put a refill amount in the last call in. (Unrelated story.)

The doctor's office called me about a half hour later to ensure he wanted to be on the medicine and to make sure they had the right dosage, 120mg. I told them they had it right and they told me they would call the prescription in in about an hour.

Several hours later I head to Walgreens to pick up that and my husband's beta-blocker. Now this Walgreens pharmacy is hopping. I've never been in there and not had things be on almost an hour wait. They usually have about 4 pharmecies working and the same or more pharmecy techs. Usually, they're really efficient.

I went through the drive through, got both scripts but noticed that I had paid slightly more than usual. The difference was only $6 so I thought that perhaps the price of the pill had changed. I wasn't concerned as I've had that happen before.

Later on I'm getting ready to drive up to my husband's work to drop off his beta-blocker when I started looking at the bottle for the cardizem. They had given him a 180mg pill instead of 120. Now it took forever for his body to adjust to the 120 without feeling shitty. I didn't even want to think about how the 180 would make him feel. However, I gave the pharmecy the benefit of the doubt and called the doctor's office first to make sure they didn't make the mistake. The doctor's office assured me they had called it in correctly and I thanked them and phoned up Walgreens.

After being on hold for 15 minutes ("you have 1 caller ahead of you") I finally get someone. I explain to the girl what had happened and she did some quick checking around. She agreed that someone had filled it wrong because the pharmecist's two looked exactly like an 8. She told me that they would fix it now and for me to come back up there. She made sure that my husband hadn't taken any of it. I explained that he usually tries to get stuff refilled before he runs out so it wasn't an issue.

Because of time I didn't get up there that day and didn't get there until yesterday. I go up front to explain to them who I am and the girl behind the counter says it's already filled and waiting. Well, it was already filled, but they refilled the wrong one. So I had to wait about 15 minutes more. They pushed me to the head of the line of people that were already waiting (which I felt badly about since I didn't have anywhere pressing I had to be) and one of the pharmecy techs hunted me down when it was done and gave it to me with a refund for the entire cost of the prescription. I didn't ask, I was very pleasant and understanding but they automatically gave it to me. Which was nice because a month's supply is about $45.

So, while it's really dangerous service as you REALLY don't want to fuck up someone's medication, they did bend over backwards to make it all better.

I just hope they don't have that happen too often. That's not one of those errors that can be afford to be made all that often. It's not like not cooking someone's steak enough.

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