Your Stepford Wife (astepfordwife) wrote in bad_service,
Your Stepford Wife

Dear Independent Health,
Thanks for lying to my mother about my health insurance being "active immediatly".
We were shocked when we got a letter in the mail saying infact it would not be active until April 1st. We were even more shocked, however, at your rep's snide and condescending attitude. Why is it so difficult to grasp the fact that we were told one thing on the phone and then sent a letter that said something else? I know you probably keep records on our account so why not look it up? But no, your hands are tied and you can't do anything.
Thanks Independent health. Really awesome service. I'm just going to love paying for medications out of my pocket for two months.

I don't understand why they can't do anything. They told my mom it was possible to still have me on their insurance until I was 24 if they got a more expensive plan, my mom asked if it was possible for it to be effective immediatly, the lady said yes. Now this other guy is saying no, thats not how it works. WTF? And nobody seems to care that we were told two separate things. Is there a way to file a complaint? My mom told me she would help me cover stuff while my insurance wasn't active, but because I'm a student, my budgets gonna be stretched pretty thin for the next two months :(. (And FYI I am a student, but because I am a student at a trade school and not a college/university I don't qualify for their student health care plans).
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