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I'm sure that if I called the local Dominos that the manager or person who answers will apologize and offer me coupons or send out a duplicate order. I don't want to bother them since it wasn't THAT big of a deal but still I have to vent about it.

At 5:50 PM, I called the nearest Dominos and placed my order. I asked for the specials and the woman who answered the phone gave me three choices. I took the second choice which was an large three-topping pizza and saucy wings. She tells me it will be 50 minutes to an hour, no biggie. A few minutes past 7 PM the pizza and wings arrive.

The pizza itself was fully cooked but it lacked taste. By the time I ate my slice (after feeding the demons) it was too late to stop them from eating the pizza. No biggie since the wings were mine and the pizza was for them. I sliced the pizza more then what they did, again no biggie but since it was for the kids (hubby has a cold and I like wings) so I had a very small slice of pizza. The wings on the other hand were HORRIBLE. Ok, not as bad as the time the hubby burned his wings but they were overcooked and while there was a fair amount of sauce, the sauce wasn't covering the wings. It looked as if the person put the sauce in the box first then the wings. Again, no biggie with the sauce since I "rolled" the wings into the sauce and it was. The problem was that the wings were overcooked and dry.

I suppose I could call them and complain but why? I realize they were busy by the wait time (which is typically under an hour) and it's not as if we didn't eat the food. I ate my wings and the kids ate their pizza. I just wish that the person would have taken the time with the wings and saw that the wings were overcooked (even black on the drumettes). I wouldn't have minded the pizza being a little more late for wings that weren't saucy yet crunchy (and dry). Oh well, guess I'll stick with Pizza Hut despite that they ALWAYS forget the ranch dressing when it comes to my wings and their wings aren't as spicy as Dominos which is why I like to order Dominos' wings.

::gets off rant box::
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