sweet paradox (sweet_paradox) wrote in bad_service,
sweet paradox

Package woes

hello all,

Last friday I shipped some customer's packages, 6 packages, from a place called Pakmail
(www.pakmail.com this is in memphis, TN if you are interseted to know.) I mailed them last fri. I got a call this morning that the packges were not shipped due to "insuficent postage". I asked why and the man on the phone said that they were marked as international packeges (probably why I ended up paying so much) but they were all within the US. So I have to go, get the re-metered, and re-ship them... joy... Why did they wait so long to tell me?? I hope I beter not have to pay again!
Has anyone had any issues with Pakmail before? I dont know about you but I am PISSED!

thanks for listening to me bitch
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