Jim (jumbach) wrote in bad_service,

OK . . .

On a couple of your suggestions, I just called them and mentioned the incident from this morning. The manager personally apologized, and said that because they are a store inside a Supermarket they do not carry everything that a regular Starbucks does. She agreed that the "traveler size" should not have been on the menu after they discontinued the traveler size, and she will correct it.

Everything is cool. As far as I am concerned, this incident is now behind us, and nothing will stand between me and my coffee tomorrow morning. I guess I was just grouchy because I hadn't eaten. Boycott over.

Also, in the future, I'll wait a day or two to see if it's really that big of a deal before posting about it and/or initiating a boycott.

Thanks for your suggestions. I feel better now!!! (And the number of establishments I am currently boycotting once again stands at zero. Hopefully, it will stay that way.)
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