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the cousin I never knew I had

I've been a member for a while, mostly lurking, occasionally chiming in. Now I have my own tale of woe to share.

A few weeks ago, my cable started acting up. I called Comcast, and after confirming my information, the rep asked me if I was calling about my digital cable or my internet service. Digital cable, I replied. I don't have internet service with Comcast. Oh yes you do, the rep replied.

I do?

Yes, the rep explained. Your cousin Jane Smith is listed as an authorized user on the account. She added internet service and came and picked up the cable modem on the 12th.


I don't have a cousin named Jane Smith. I don't even know anyone by that name. And no one is supposed to be on my account but me.

Understandably, I freaked the hell out. I'm pretty sure they heard me in the next county. Don't worry, the rep said soothingly. It was probably just a mistake. The rep who handled the transaction must have simply pulled up the wrong account.

Uh-huh. To make a long story a little shorter, I'll spare you the endless list of phone calls made over the last few weeks as I tried to sort this out (and waited for calls back that never came).

What it boils down to is this:

Someone called Comcast around the second week of January claiming to be me and asking that my "cousin" Jane be added to my account as an authorized user. Whomever it was then called again to order internet service and a cable modem.

"Cousin Jane" showed up at the Comcast office on January 12th and walked out with a cable modem charged to my account.

Comcast, through its Fraud and Investigation Department, continues to insist to me that it was all a mistake. I shouldn't worry because they've now flagged my account and noted that no one but me can make changes to it. They've also deactivated the cable modem. This response came, by the way, after they managed to stonewall me for over a month. Their DVR recordings from their lobby surveillance cameras are erased after 30 days. I had requested numerous times to be allowed to view the video of the transaction or to at least see a still photo. But Comcast dicked around long enough that now the video is gone and I will never be able to see what this person looks like.

The lady in the Fraud Dept. insisted to me that the rep probably just pulled up the account of another Lorelei X. Pretty interesting considering Comcast pulls up accounts by account number or telephone number. I have never called Comcast and had them pull my account up using my name. I don't care if there are 500 Lorelei X's in their database. There is no way this is the result of simple mistaken identity or a keying error. Clearly, someone has my phone number, address and my social security number and they were able to provide this information to the rep.

Ms. Fraud Department also spoke to the front desk rep who actually handled the transaction. Front Desk Rep conveniently remembers every single detail except what my "cousin" looked like. Hmmmmmmmm. She's covering her sorry ass, insisting that she did everything right. She FOLLOWED PROCEDURE and checked their ID! Well, way to go, genius. I don't care if she had "Jane Smith" tattooed on her freaking forehead, that doesn't make her my cousin! Seems a little suspicious to me that she can remember every move she made but she can't tell me whether this person was tall, short, fat, thin, young, old, etc.

I should mention that I actually used to work for the cable company, back in the day before Comcast took it over. I know how their system works. And I don't care if someone had an address, a social security number and a notarized letter from their mother, I would never in a million years have given them access to someone else's account unless I spoke to the account holder first. I was angry enough to begin with but now I'm really breathing fire because Comcast is treating me like a damned idiot who is going to believe whatever steaming pile of crap they come up with. Fraud Lady keeps telling me it was just a mistake, just another Lorelei X. Oh really? Well, if that were true, why then, when they deactivated the cable modem, did no one call and say, hey, my cable modem's not working?

I can't figure out why anyone would go to this much trouble for a $30.00 cable modem in the first place. I feel violated and paranoid as hell. Someone has my information and I don't know how they got it or what else they're going to do with it. And Comcast has not only made every effort to stonewall me and lie to me, they haven't offered to do anything to compensate me for this appalling breach of my privacy and security.

I am hitting a brick wall with them. They are sticking to their story and keep telling me it was just a big mistake when I know damn well it wasn't. They dropped the ball but they seem to think if they just keep repeating the same thing to me over and over I'll finally shut up and go away. I don't know where to go from here. Any suggestions?
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