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Bad UPS Service!

Normally, I don't have any problems with getting items delivered via UPS. But today was an experience!

I had ordered some fabric from a supplier on eBay that I've dealt with in the past, but not since I moved into my current house. When I contacted her after the sale, I very specifically told her my new address, and she promised to ship it to the new address.

I got a UPS notification yesterday, that they had attempted delivery--to my former address-- but the house was vacant, so they took it back to the local center. Call UPS, get through the looong AVR system, and, when I finally reach a human, explain the situation. At this point, it's no big deal, and actually the fault of the shipper, not UPS. UPS takes down my new address, and promises to deliver today between 1 and 3 p.m., which makes me skip with glee for new fabric.

I receive a delivery notification today--that the fabric has been delivered to the front door of the address I told them yesterday was no longer valid! My husband offers to stop by the old house and pick it up, but calls me from work and says it wasn't there. Call UPS again. They delivered it to an apartment I moved out of FIVE YEARS AGO! The CS rep apologizes profusely and says he will arrange to have it picked up and delivered to the RIGHT address today, and someone from the local center will call within an hour.

Wait two hours, call UPS AGAIN. I got a very rude CS rep this time, who informs that it's not UPS's fault that the shipper put the wrong address on the package, he doesn't care what the other rep said, it
s not their problem and they're not going to fix it. Well, YOU pulled up this ancient address, despite a phone call from me giving them the correct information, and yes, you jolly well ARE going to fix it! I hung up, fumed some more, calmed down, and called one last time, and asked to go directly to a supervisor. I explained the situation , and whaddya know, she had absolutely no trouble getting the problem remedied.

I got my fabric twenty minutes later. I just wish I had taken down the name of that little cretin I had spoken to in the second call, so I could complain about him. Jerk/

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