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It's a Two-Fer

Grr. Two bad service moments in 15 minutes.

Over 4 weeks ago I bought a futon. The one I bought came with frame, futon, custom cover, and 2 pillows. Because I needed it immediately, I took the futon home and waited for the cover and pillows, which were supposed to be in the following Monday. Ha ha ha. The next week, they didn't show up and the manager was very apologetic, saying that they'd for sure be in the following Monday. Well, that wasn't much use, since I had to fly home for a week. I got back a week later and called them. Nope, the cover and pillows weren't in. They're very sorry. They did check with the supplier and it's coming. They're being pokey - we don't know why, and we can't do anything about it.

Well, yes you can. You can call them and FIND OUT why it isn't here, over 2 weeks after it's supposed to be. But they promised that it would be in for sure on Monday (yesterday) - they just weren't sure at what time the truck would arrive so come by Tuesday.

Ok. So, I came by today. Nope - no cover and no pillows. Same song and dance. They don't control what the supplier puts on the truck. They were told it was coming. They haven't forgotten about it. See, here's the order form. It should be in on the truck tomorrow, so check back Thursday.

That's where I got a bit irritated. I asked him, when I've been told that they KNOW for CERTAIN that it would be on the truck 3 weeks ago, then 2 weeks ago, then yesterday, and the merchandise is still somewhere else, WHY I should believe that really, truly, it'll be here tomorrow by the end of the day. Why shouldn't I be smelling a rat?

Gee, we're really sorry, we don't control the truck, yadda, yadda, yadda. Yes, dude, you do. It's YOUR supplier. YOU put in orders. YOU depend on them to get those orders. If you are regularly having them send shipments 3-4 weeks late, you have a huge problem. Either way, YOU can call THEM and tell them to get a package that's 3-4 weeks late on that bloody truck, or send it to you overnight at their expense for screwing things up so thoroughly.

If it's not there tomorrow by the end of the day, I'm having words with my credit card company. I can't afford to have paid that much more money for cover and pillows, and have them never show up, with only "gee, we're sorry, we can't control the truck" to show for it.


Right after stopping at the futon store, I stopped at the bank to make a deposit. They're not my bank, but my bank (which has no branches in this state) has a reciprocal agreement with them. Basically, it means that I can deposit at any of their ATMs, anywhere in the country. One problem - there were no deposit envelopes anywhere to be found.

So I went inside to ask about it. I went to the customer service desk... where there was nobody. Clearly there were people working there. Someone's sandwich and pop were there. Both computers were logged in. Someone else's bag o' stuff was there. And I waited. The long line at the tellers went entirely away while I waited, so I decided to try my luck there instead.

The answer I got from the teller torqued me off, but that's not the bad service. Her answer was "Oh, we don't have any cash machines in town that will take deposits. There probably aren't any between here and __________." (major US city) "It's too expensive to service all that." Ooooooohkie-dokie. We're 50 miles from that city, and several of the towns/cities between here and there are pretty significant - we're not talking about rural america, here. The city I'm standing in is one of the larger cities nearby, with a university, a regional medical center, and all that jazz. So I ask her about several other towns between me and the major city. After all, they're just suburbs of that city, and it would be bizarre, to say the least, to find that none of those had an ATM that would take a simple deposit.

Nope. Then she said the thing that made it really bad service. "But we'd be happy to open up an account for you instead!"

No. I don't think so. You tell me that your bank doesn't have any fully functional ATMs in my new home town and for another 60 miles, in 15 minutes neither of your customer service people has shown up, and your bank doesn't want to spend the money to have deposit-taking ATMs in major population centers near one of the biggest cities in the country, and then you think I might open a bloody account with you??? I pointed this out to her and left.

WTF? Why would I possibly think that it's a good idea to bank there?
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