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edit: I was ranty when I wrote this, I am not know for my grammer/spelling, I've tried to fix it best I can. Don't like it? Shove it, and move on I don't like trolls.


I wish I had my uncle’s patience and mind set. I swear if I had not been trapped (see in a booth, on the inside with my dad between me and being able to get up) I’d of probably found a manger and ended up on customers_suck.

My uncle came in from out of state and called, asking if we wanted to meet him at Denny’s. So me and dad headed over, and got seated fairly fast. That was the only ‘fast’ thing all evening, first off I was trying to keep an open mind, it was dinner time but the place wasn’t busy at all, only 2-3 people in every section (the place was set up in 3 sections, one to the left and back, one to the left, and one to the right. The 2 on the left non-smoking, the 1 on he right smoking, we ended up in smoking because both my dad and uncle smoke and it was the open section).

It took 10-15 mins for our waitress to show back up just for drinks. We all ordered a simple coffee then got to wait around 10 mins for that to show up. A bit peeved we brushed it off as the waitress being a bit slow because she was chatty with the table in the corner. Then we got to sit and wait 15 mins before she came back for the order, getting two “I’ll grab your order after I drop off these drinks” and she’d drop off the drinks and walk past ignoring us. After she decided we where worthy of giving her an order, I ordered simple hoping that would speed things up. It was a cheese hamburger thing, I can’t recall the exact name but it was simple. My uncle however has heath issues including diabetes so he has to order special. His exact order (and I remember it because he was nice, spoke clearly and slow enough to write it down) scrambled eggs with 3 eggs, 3 sausages, hash browns, whole wheat toast with grape jelly. She repeated it back and walked off, in the time it took to get the food, well over 30 mins (I realize food takes time to cook, it was longer then that but I didn’t stare at the clock thankfully we had much to talk about while we waited, it was long enough that we started to wonder where the food was and why it was so long). She came by to refill our coffee, and every time asked if we needed more creamer and we said yes, we started to count after the first few times after 4 times we stopped telling her because the pattern we noticed is she would walk away to the table in the corner and then forget everything we said to her.

Food came by a different waitress, and mine was fine but my uncle’s was all wrong, it was something called a ‘extravagant omelet’ or something, and still no more creamer. The waitress walked off baffled to check on things and I picked at my food feeling bad eating in front of my uncle with no food. 10-15 Mins later his right order showed up and still no creamer (we had asked again twice, making it 6 times asked for) and groaned as she stopped on the way back again. So after we finished up and refused a coffee refill almost ready to go, the creamer showed up when we no longer needed it.
Then the bill showed up (I lied, we got the bill faster then we got seated, funny how prospect of money/tip makes one move fast) and they billed my uncle for the omlette he didn’t even order. He told the lady at checkout and after looking at the menu it was the same price or less the way he had been billed so he let it slide rather then be sucky and yell at her to bill it right.

We left with all here of us vowing never to go back again. (Dad only had coffee, never ordered any food). I don’t believe my uncle left a tip either, total time for the trip was wall over 2 hours, and we only spent about 15 mins of that eating. It was supposed to be a in and out trip fast as my uncle was coming to the house so we could have talked in the comfort of our own home not in a loud restaurant.

I want to complain as does my Dad, but some what I’ve seen they just issue ‘we are sorry’ form letters and sometimes free coupons for food. As we don’t wish to return, coupons would do us little good. Any tips on how to file a complaint that might get more then a ‘oh another winy customer’ would be great.

there is a happy story to this, next 3 days we went to IHOP for breakfest, food was fast, the staff polite, and even when the place was busting at the seams with people, we got seated in 3 mins, and food faster then I even knew was possable to cook. They most deffently won us over, 'n for being open only 2-3 months they have kickass service.
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