Veriria (veriria) wrote in bad_service,

More Phone Woes XD

I guess I never really thought I'd have much use in posting to this community; I'm generally easy-going, laid back, whatever you would like to call it. When, in those rare instances that I do have problems with service related people or companies, I do a pretty good job of not loosing my cool over it.

Oh, but I am pissed off a LOT right now. Cingular double charged me on my phone bill on Saturday, and I didn't notice until I was at a store and was trying to buy stuff with my debit card...And the transaction wouldn't go through due to insufficient funding. OMG can we say slighly embarassed XD I wasn't buying anything critical or anything, just a jacket, some tea, and some oil of olay lotion.

HOWEVER - My cell phone bill I paid was $136.56 or something, so imagine being double charged. OK, so it's around 9 something. I get in my car and try to call Cingular about it, and guess what? Cingular, the giant cellular company that it is (shit it merged with AT&T!) does NOT have a 24/7 call center! I just shrugged, and figured I would wait until tomorrow to call Cingular, since I wouldn't be able to call the bank to get them to get rid of one of those pre-auth's (they've done it before for me). Fast forward to Sunday, I try to call Cingular...

...To find out the call center isn't even open on Sundays! Oh, I was pissed. So here I am, now, with little to no money at all. I have credit cards that I could use, but it isn't necessary yet to purchase anything. It's just...I have no money! I had to use most of my savings to get my car fixed, so I was planning on fattening that up a bit first.

Ok, so just now I got off the phone with Cingular. While looking at my bank account statement online, it's showing I got charged twice by Cingular. However, the lady on the phone said Cingular only showed me being charged once. Basically she told me she couldn't do anything, and it's possible that the money will show back up into my account in approximately 10 days. >:O

So guess what? Today is President's Day and NO banks are open! Bah XD Thanks for letting me rant.

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