Sharn (optissima) wrote in bad_service,

Best Buy can kiss my ass.

I got a $50 Best Buy card for Christmas. I hate going in the store, so I decided I'd shop from their website. I picked out an MP3 CD player and proceeded to checkout. If a store near you has what you ordered in stock, you can pick it up there for free. The site says it's in stock at the store closest to me. Awesome-- I can get what I want without having to pay for shipping, and I only have to spend a few minutes in the store. How convenient.

Or not.
Here is a timeline of events:

10:56- Receive order confirmation email.
11:07- Receive email saying the item isn't available at the store. Email says that I can call their customer service number and they can check to see if it's at any other stores nearby or arrange to have it shipped free. Put off doing that until Sunday.

2:00- Call Best Buy's customer service number. Slog through the most obnoxious menu system I've ever heard (Seriously, call 1-888-BEST BUY and listen for yourself.) and finally get through to a human being. Human being tells me that the store must have gotten a shipment of CD players since I placed the order because the computer says they have 8 in stock. She resubmits the order and tells me I should get an email saying it's ready for pickup in an hour or so.
4:30- Haven't gotten email yet. Website says the store has damn CD in stock. What the fuck?
4:40- Call store. Listen to awful, loud, staticky repetitive hold music for a few minutes. Tell employee what's going on, employee goes to look for it. Five minutes of hold music. Employee tells me they don't have CD player in stock. Tell employee website says store has item in stock and customer service said there were 8 at the store. Employee tells me "Sometimes that inventory isn't very current." WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF EVEN HAVING IT?
5:00- Call customer service again, ask to just have order cancelled so I can order something else. Not possible-- the order gets cancelled automatically if customer does nothing for 8 days, but customer service doesn't have power to cancel orders.
5:30- Get off the phone. Realize I've spent about 3 hours dealing with this. So much for convenience.

AAAAAAGH. I thought the the big selling point for the in store pickup was saving time! The worst part? Your card gets charged when you submit the order. If you don't want your order, you have to wait 8 days for the money to go back on your card, period. It'll be a week before I can even go to the damn store and just buy something else.
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