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First post, please be gentle ;-)

So I and my fiancee went to Bennigan's, in Warsaw, IN last night, along with 9 of my opera cohorts and the director. So there were 12 of us. Fiancee and I weren't horribly hungry, so we ordered a three appetizer combo: buffalo wings for him, potato skins for me, and nachos for us to share. So naturally, we ate the wings and the skins before going on to the nachos. About 1/3 into the nachos, I noticed a very suspicious tomato. It was, in fact, a piece of raw beef. It:
-Was the wrong color for a tomato
-Was lacking the seeds or seed pockets that a tomato would have
-Smelled marinated
-Felt like raw meat when I poked it with my finger
-Had the marbling of beef, and even a small piece of fat on one side

So, ew. I pointed this out to the waitress, and after her initial "NO WAY" (literally) and poking it with a fork herself, all she said was "I'll see what I can do" and wondered off, presumably to talk to the manager/chef/what have you. No offer to comp anything, no offer to replace the nachos. (As a side note, the service itself was incredibly slow. No refills, we sat there for a half hour over empty plates waiting for our bills, etc. But that's not the issue.) A few minutes later, the waitress comes back and asks if we're done. Well, you think? There's a piece of raw meat in the middle of my plate, which completely ruins any appetite I had for that food. So she took the plate, I again assumed she was going to a manager/cook/what have you to show it to them. We order dessert. Dessert gets eaten, and bills are waited for. And we wait, and wait. Again, that's not really important.

We finally get the bill, and find out that we were charged for everything, even the nachos that we couldn't eat. What!? I asked the girl and was told that she and the chef had picked it apart in the kitchen, and it was definitely a tomato. Yeah, she just lied to me, there was no way that it was a tomato, I had double-checked that. I asked why the nachos hadn't been comped (change the 3-app combo into a 2-app combo) and she replied that she thought we were done with it. Umm...most people don't continue eating after finding raw meat in their food. (Okay, my fiancee did eat a couple more chips, but he's a garbage disposal, so it doesn't count) However, we would have either eaten them or had them boxed if not for the raw meat. I had to beg for a reduction, which she somewhat reluctantly gave, and I felt like an absolute ass having to explain to her that people don't just "eat around" cubes of raw beef.

I'm debating calling the store tomorrow and talking to a manager, but I don't know if that would be overkill, since she did eventually comp the nachos. It took me an effort (and some prodding by my friends) to even bring up the raw meat and not just stop eating. It took an even bigger effort to ask her to take off the nachos, which I had thought was common sense. I do want to say something to a manager, but I don't want to come off as an ass or end up wimping out. I do have the store number and the waitress' name, so I can give that information. Any suggestions?
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