hearts can be hearts but bears are prime (topacio) wrote in bad_service,
hearts can be hearts but bears are prime

Apparently Burger King doesn't want me to "have it [my] way."

Today I went to Burger King wanted to ordered the following:

1 medium Jr. Whopper with cheese
-no mayonnaise
-no lettuce
-no tomato
1 medium fry
1 large drink

So I have everything planned out in order to not confuse the cashier. I've been in her position, I know it sucks when people customise their orders, but when your slogan is "Have it your way," I expected that I could get a large drink with medium-sized food.

I ask her, "Could I please get a large drink instead of a medium drink?"
And she informs me, "No, you would have to get the large meal."

So I had to get the medium drink, which they fill three-quarters of the way with ice. I like some ice, but whenever I tell people "very little ice" they still put mountains in there. I know most people are instructed to fill the cups that way, but I hate watery pop that I paid for!

This just seems absolutely ridiculous. I've worked fast food, and I've talked to other people about this and we all wondered the same thing: "Wouldn't you just hit the 'sub-large' button to substitute a large drink for a smaller one?"

Was the cashier just being rude to me because I had customised my order to a T? I go there pretty often, I'm never rude, I've had her cash me out many times before.

I just want to know...is that even TRUE? I think it's a crock.
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