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Phone idiot update-one week later

Firefox is being tetchy and won't let me backtrack to my last post but if you desperately want it, I can track it down later for you all.

Anyway, that said, it's officially a week since the phone saga began and...good newwwwwws!

On Thursday (yesterday), we finally, FINALLY got a technician to come out here. Guess what, it was the guy we missed earlier in the week!

He talked to the guy who originally came out on the call, then to me, then went to the office to yell at people and before he even arive here, my DSL was back on after a week of being dead (WHY they couldn't do this earlier I have no idea).

He came out, figured out what was wrong (exactly what I told about five diffrent people on the phone) and he, in his grand greatness, fixed not only the problem jack, but seperated out the line (2017) so that I have a direct DSL only line *pets DSL* and a seperate phone jack line...thingy.

So everything is once again in working order, our other line has been killed and everything is all neat and shiny. how to tell my frustrated and angry mother we have to call direct tv and get them to replace a cable in my room they instaled wrong into the tivo....

Anyone have riot gear handy? *grins*

EDIT: Thanks to jovial_kitten who found the original post: Phone Saga

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